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General rule around specific things that are allowed or not allowed


1. What is good behaviour?
We expect everyone at Gala Academy (coaches and students) to be respectful to each other.

2. What is bad behaviour?
Swearing, use of bad language or inappropriate behaviour.

3. What is bad behaviour?
Mental or physical abuse towards other students or staff.

4. What is bad behaviour?
Continual disruption to the running of the sessions.

5. What is bad behaviour?
Arriving late to the session.

6. When can I enter the sports hall?
When a coaching session has finished and the coach allows you in.

7. Do we need to tell you about a new coach?
We don not necessarily inform the parents of a new coach, but we introduce the students to the coach before commencing the class. This is a similar principle to any school.

8. My child is upset they didn't play games?
The child will be given an opportunity to play games during the session, however the predominant aim of the session is to provide badminton coaching.

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