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Developing students at Gala

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

At Gala Academy, our students are our priority. They are here to learn badminton and progress rapidly. Gala recognises that in all forms of teaching, including badminton, students excel when there is a variety of tutors* providing multiple perspectives.

At Gala, we have a structured plan to allow the students to be taught by variety of different tutors, trainers and coaches.

Each course at Gala exposes three learning experiences via different tutors;

  1. Primary coach - the coach that runs the session - similar to a class teacher & maintains continuity for the students

  2. Curriculum monitor - engages with the student periodically to understand if all the elements of the curriculum have been understood

  3. Specialists - county level coaches, physical trainers, play strategists, and assessors for developing pathways to leagues, county and national play

Gala ..... putting the learning needs of the student first.

Source* Sports science : Loughborough University

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