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How is my child doing and progressing?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

At Gala Academy we have two pathways of telling students 'how well' they are progressing in badminton. Students can be new to the sport or may have played previously. Our method of informing progression is the same.

  1. Informing the student:- by observing during training and game play identifies strengths and weaknesses which are aligned to the the curriculum

  2. Informing the parents/guardian:- by providing a synopsis of the learning journey of the student; the the skills they have attained and how well these are being utilised whilst playing.


This is the desired achievement aligned to the curriculum. We celebrate our students achieving the outcome with an achievement award. This encourages motivation, engagement, confidence, and competitiveness.

6 to 8 years badminton class - bronze achievement

'Well done ladies'

6-8 year group at Gala Academy. Consented Image

Copyright 2022 - Gala Academy

Bronze medal award for the outcome achieved aligned to GA Learning Plan A curriculum. This learning plan featured, court geography, racquet grip, racquet and court etiquette, footwork, to name a few.

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